Doctoral College TU-D Unravelling advanced 2D materials
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Tobias Jawecki

Adaptive exponential Krylov propagators (Supervisor: Winfried Auzinger)

Short bio: Tobias earned his BSc and MSc degree in mathematics at TU Wien. His master thesis on numerical bifurcation analysis, which covered a wide range of numerical methods and PDEs, strengthened his wish to work on applied mathematics. With this background he joined the TU-D college as a PhD student under the supervision of Winfried Auzinger.

Summary of the PhD project: The theory and simulation of two-dimensional materials often lead to time-dependent problems, which can be solved by numerical time propagation. Within the scope of my PhD project, we test the performance of specific numerical methods on realistic problems and intend to improve the existing algorithms. Our focus lies on adaptive methods.

Thoughts on TU-D: I see interdisciplinary discussion as foundation to connect mathematics with the newest problems of applied sciences.To implement new numerical methods it will e.g. certainly help to work together with the team of Peter Blaha.