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Stefan Kronister (associated)

Bioorthogonal modification and functionalization of nanoparticles (Supervisor: Hannes Mikula)

Short bio: Stefan Kronister received his BSc and MSc in Technical Chemistry from TU Wien in January
2014 and March 2016, respectively. During his Master’s thesis he focused on the design and
development of diagnostic assays for newborn screening of rare diseases.

Summary of the PhD project:
Within my PhD project, we focus on the development of diagnostic
and therapeutic strategies towards targeted cancer therapies using modified nanoparticles.
Therefore, we use bioorthogonal click chemistry for surface modification and functionalization of
nanoparticles with biorecognition units.

Thoughts on TU-D: An interdisciplinary research program is key to get new insights from other fields,
to share ideas and to broaden my scientific horizon.