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Natalia Yelavik

Fabrication of self-assembled monolayers through click-chemistry (Supervisor: Hannes Mikula)

Short bio: Natallia earned her BSc and MSc degrees in Chemistry at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Her diploma project was entitled “Novel Iodobis-muthates(III): Synthesis, Structure and Properties”. In 2016 she joined TU-D as a PhD student.

Summary of the PhD project: In my PhD project, we focus on the application of click-chemistry strategies for the fabrication of self-assembled monolayers (SAM) on the surface of the biosensor. By click chemistry strategies we aim for easy and highly selective modification of sensor surfaces with biorecognition units (proteins, DNA/RNA aptamers, etc.) for the development of diagnostic tools.

Thoughts on TU-D: Having an interdisciplinary project within TU-D means a direct collaboration with specialists in various areas and an access to diverse methods of investigation. I personally think, that different scientific approaches are absoluetly necessary to generate the best possible results.