Doctoral College TU-D Unravelling advanced 2D materials
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Janine Schwestka

Damage formation in 2D materials due to slow ion irradiation

Short bio: Janine earned her BSc and MSc in Technical Physics at the TU Wien in October 2013, and April 2016, respectively. Since her MSc thesis project on ion-induced electron emission from single layer graphene (supervisor: F. Aumayr), Janine is fascinated about 2D materials, and therefore joined TU-D as a PhD student

Summary of the PhD project: My PhD project aims at a fundamental understanding of the interaction processes taking place during transmission of slow highly charged ions through freestanding 2D materials like graphene, MoS2 or hexagonal boron nitride.

Thoughts on TU-D: In fundamental studies considering other perspectives is of great advantage especially if one does not know exactly what to expect. Discussing the complexities of my subject with members of the doctorate school TU-D will hopefully broaden my mind by bringing some new input from people working on the same topic but in different fields